About Us

We are a terra protocol and columbus-5 lovers and we enjoy creating and designing art. So we decided create an art company that will make you go to SPACE on every project we launch.

We are 5 lunatics from different countries working mid-term in this project.


Lari is our community Manager of Space Trip! Is the one that answered all your questions, make post and make you have fun
She speaks two languages (Spanish and English) .
A Civil Engineering Student and Working on Social Medias for a While
A Lover of The Future with The Metaverse, NFT Art, Aliens, Galaxie and Eco-friendly things


Nora is our Artists
She and Jose are cousin Theirs love for a Green Planet make them Co-Founder of Space Trip
She speaks three languages (Spanish, English and French).
Professional Graphic Designer .
And owner of her own brand .
She loves all this NFT Art and how this help to show her talent all around the world .


Jim is our Digital Designer
He speaks English.
He decided the style of every Alien .
Lover of Fashion World and a New NFT Fan
He met Nora during an summer exchange


Kim is the investor of Space Trip
Kim meet José during a crypto chat. He talked her about this crazy Idea of Space Trip and how this could change lives.
So she believes in all
She is a Lawyer.
Investor of Crypto for a long time.
Believer of The Metaverse Future.
She speaks English.
She love the idea that Space Trip it's a project that connects digital world with real world


José is our CEO
Kim's Friend and Cousin of Nora their love for NFT and The Eco-Friendly movement make them Co-Found Space Trip
He is a crypto Lover, NFT collector
Barista and Owner of his Own Coffee Shop
He speaks two languages (Spanish and English).
He is a believer of the future of Terra blockchain

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